Why Does AVG Slow a Computer Down?

AVG antivirus program is one of the popular antivirus programs in the market. It provides you a different variety of software suits including spyware removal tools, internet protection, and antivirus programs. It is always recommended to install the antivirus program on your system to protect your data from unwanted virus attacks. However, sometimes under different circumstances, AVG antivirus may slow down the computer system and ultimately the performance of the system. www.avg.com/retail


What are the symptoms?

  • Your system is running slow and experiences glitches
  • Your system is getting sudden and strange pop-up messages
  • Your system is not running the programs as efficiently as expected


What are the causes?

Other antivirus program installed on the system

AVG security will slow down the system performance if any other antivirus program is installed on the computer system. Any antivirus program launch automatically during the pc startup process. If another antivirus product is already installed on the system with the AVG antivirus program then it faces scanning conflicts or consumption of a large amount of system memory. This ultimately results in the system slow down.


System compatibility issue

AVG product includes antivirus, internet detection tool, and spyware detection tools, etc. These software programs require sufficient RAM for operation. If the computer hardware configurations are not enough to handle this necessity, then it will slowdowns the computer performance. If your system operating system is old and you are trying to install the latest version of the AVG antivirus program, then compatibility issues may occur. This may ultimately degrade the system performance. Also defragmented hard disk, less space on the hard drive, many programs running at a time will slow down the system performance. Avg.com/retail


Virus updates and Virus scan

If your AVG antivirus software is updating the product with the latest updates, it connects to the AVG server and starts downloading the patches. This process consumes a lot of space and RAM. So AVG Antivirus updates may slow down the speed of your system. During the virus scan, AVG starts accessing and checking the system registry, downloaded files, system folders, and images. This procedure will slow down the CPU speed and overall system performance.


How to fix this issue?

  • There are different causes of computer system slowdown. Damaged or corrupt files, damaged registry entries could be another cause of the computer slow down. It is very important to path the exact reason behind the system slow down.
  • To start with the first try to remove the unwanted and unused programs from your system and free up space.
  • Go to the control panel and open the programs and files. This will open a list of programs installed on your system, select the unwanted program and uninstall it. Restart the system. This will free up some space on your system.
  • Too many programs auto-loading at the same time could also lead to computer slow down. Open the command prompt and run the command “MSconfig“. Choose the programs which you want to run at the start of your system.
  • Cleaning of the Windows system registry files is also important to remove the unnecessary cookies and extra files on the system. Also, remove the damaged or corrupted registry entries from the system.
  • Uninstall the other internet security software tools or Avg antivirus programs running on the system. This will resolve the conflict during the scanning process
  • There are some readymade computer software packages are available in the market. These automatic software packages assist you to automatic detection and fixing of the operating system problem. This automatic software comes with a cleanup tool to clean the junk files, caches, cookies, and temporary internet files. These automated tools backups the system files automatically. avg.com/registration


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