What is Avg Recovery Tool & its Usage?

Have you heard about our Avg Recovery Tool? After a long term working on the computer system, sometimes you might get an issue related to the operating system. We might have faced the stress because of the operating system problem. In this situation rebooting the system is the only solution!! Now don’t worry it is not a difficult task. Avg antivirus products will help you in this situation also. www.avg.com/retail


What is Avg Recovery Tool?

Avg antivirus helps you to keep your system safe and secure from any other virus infections. Simultaneously, Avg also offers you a bootable recovery tool.


Avg recovery tool is a user-friendly tool with a proper organized step by step process. You can create the ISO image of your computer system with the help of avg.com/retail.


Follow the instructions to complete the ISO image creation process. This handy tool will help you to understand the progress of the process using the progress bar.


Avg Recovery Tool Download ISO File

Avg bootable recovery tool is a freeware and licensed utility for laptop and desktop computers. You can operate this tool in both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems. This is available as a free tool for all users. Contact Avg support for technical support by our professional experts.


If your computer is infected due to malware attacks, don’t worry you can use the Avg recovery tool and scan your system. Also, it can restore your system using the saved ISO image. this link


This advanced recovery tool will scan your computer system and detect the virus and malware also recover your system to the working version.


How to use the Avg Recovery tool?

Avg recovery tool is nothing but an ISO image to generate a rescue media on any external device like DVD or USB to start your computer system and scan for the threats. After scanning it will automatically remove the threats from the system.


An image tool like IMGBURN or BURNAWRE tool is necessary to burn the ISO image of your system.


After burning the ISO DVD or USB, follow the beneath steps to boot your system:


  • Go to option Boot and select the preferable language
  • Agree to the license agreement before proceeding further
  • Hit the Scan button and start the scanning process
  • After completion of the process, you will get a screen with message “Scan completed”
  • You will get a list of threats in the vault for taking remediation actions
  • Choose the related options and hit the ok.
  • This will fix the virus problem.
  • Hit the reboot button and complete the process.


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