How to Fix AVG Virus Scanner Installation Issue?

In today era, there are plenty of websites running on World Wide Web. Data security is the main concern now a days as many hackers and cyber criminal try to steal your data online through spreading viruses, spyware and other online threats. So the need of antivirus program is quite necessary for preventing these unwanted situations and for protection of your files and folders from these online threats. Many organizations have developed antivirus program to fight against these threats. AVG is also one among all. While installing AVG total scan or AVG virus scan removal, some user faces AVG virus scanner installation issue while installing AVG product.


 If you are facing installation issue of AVG virus scan remover, you may get frustrated but you should try to get rid of this issue at There are many methods to solve this undesirable situation while using your AVG product. You can also use MCPR (AVG Consumer Product Removal) tool to fix this issue.


Sometimes this issue raise as user device is incompatible with this software or you have pre installed software in this device. You can visit at for more guidance to get rid of this issue.


Follow the below methods to get rid of this issue

Method1: Run the pre-install setup on your device

  • Download the setup file of your AVG product and save it on your device.
  • Click on the exe file on your device and follow the on-screen instruction.
  • If any warning message appears then click on OK.
  • Finish the installation and restart your device
  • Check if the issue persists or not.


Method2: Use the admin account for installation

If you are not using admin account then you don’t get some concession to install application. So by using below steps you can get rid of this problem


  • Open the run command in your system by pressing Win+R key together.
  • Now press crtl+Alt+Del key together and log out the system
  • When screen appears again click on run as administrator
  • Check if error persists or not.


Method3: Install AVG Consumer Product Removal tool

  • Go to AVG com activate and install.
  • Double click on .exe file installed on your device
  • If warning appear click on yes and give permission for all messages appear on installation time.
  • Once installation finish , it will run automatically
  • Check if error remove or not

You can simply remove this error by following above method. If still you are not able to fix the problem, don’t worry; take help from expert at

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