How to Indicated AVG Error Code 0xe001f921 – How to fix it?

Having AVG antivirus on your device means safety from multiple viruses, and so you can Install AVG with license number from the official website. Here you can proceed for AVG Download that you can activate at Whether it is removing malware or blocking the hacker’s activity on your device or site, each threat protection problem can be solved by AVG that you can get from page.


Though it is easy to use AVG antivirus on your PC, you can face installation errors due to multiple reasons and showing Error code 0xe001f921 is one of them. If you are also facing this error code, then read the blog further –


What is AVG Error Code 0xe001f921?

Error 0xe001f921 code can be displayed when you perform AVG Download from and installation process. So, you may have tried to can Install AVG with license number from the webpage and may have seen the same Error 0xe001f921 code. This error code can be shown with any of AVG setup or product such as Internet Security, AVG Tune-up, AVG Zen free, AVG Ultimate and AVG versions. You may also find the AVG error 0xe001f921 during the updates or reinstallation. It may occur due to the removed any important AVG file from setup. Check out the fixing steps of AVG 0xe001f921 Error Code on your PC.




How can you fix this error 0xe001f92?

On the successful download of AVG antivirus software on your device if you find the 0xe001f921 Error Code, then you can find solutions with the following methods. One can quickly fix the error code if they follow the solutions steps correctly. Here are ways to sort out the AVG 0xe001f921 Error Code on your device of AVG antivirus –


Method 1: fix the issue with the remover tool


Remover tool can become a great method to fix the installation error. It helps in removing the AVG setup so that you can reinstall and launch the setup successfully again. Follow below –


  • Open your browser and go to AVG official website.


  • Then, reach the AVG download center, or you can go to the AVG remover tool webpage.


  • Now, download the AVG Remover tool.


  • Once the .EXE file downloaded, install the tool and run it.


  • Then, open the file and hit the “AVG Protection” button.


  • You need to follow the displayed instruction.


  • Uninstall the AVG using this tool and re download it.




Method 2: fix the problem with AVG Clear Tool


Take the help from AVG Clear Tool. Follow below –


  • Go to AVG download center.


  • Download and install the AVG Clear Tool.


  • On the user account, open a dialogue box and click on “no”.


  • Now, select the installed Avg setup and remove it.


  • Then, download the AVG antivirus again and install it.


You can also select the other simple method to fix this. Simply reinstall the setup and get protected.


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