How to Fix Avg Error Key Code Oxe001c046?

Antivirus is very important in today's globally connected world.  As we are globally connected via the web which holds a whole lot of information within itself.  It is becoming more hard to safeguard your information.  For that AVG antivirus comes to our aid.  AVG antivirus save your personal and business information from being obtained by someone else and web phishers obviously.  However, in the event that you installed info AVG antivirus, due to some technical problems inside, you might encounter AVG Error Code Oxe001c046.  So you can go via the mentioned below solution to


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Before that let's discuss why you got this error Oxe001c046.


The AVG Error Code Oxe001c046 may pop at your system display due to incomplete installation, mistake in registry files and corrupted files and missing files from the machine directory.  So AVG Error Code Oxe001c046 starts bothering you.


The consequences caused due to AVG Error Code Oxe001c046:

  • The system windows begin crashing abruptly.
  • When you run any program, it closes on its own.
  • When system dividers stop responding and get struck.
  • Installation error appears more frequently in your monitor


The Solutions to Fix AVG Error Code Oxe001c046 are given below:

In this section, you'll get an organized solution for your convenience.  It will save your time & money why we advise you to use the solution at a descending way, begin in the top and if you don't find the solution beneficial to you, then go for the next till bottom.  This brings to your notice for a reason that should you randomly use a solution, you might delete your system files instead of resolving AVG Error Code Oxe001c046.


Solution 1

Complete AVG Scan


  • Use your own AVG Virus Scan and completely scan all your system's file directory. It may help you to acquire malicious viruses which affecting your system and blocking your own work.  So you do not need to undergo more time-consuming solutions.


Solution 2

Clean Up Junk Files

  • Go to the Windows logo and click on it.
  • Search for CleanUp and press enter.
  • Select all drives one by one


Uses clean up to remove all unwanted files from the system

  • After this, start any program and assess whether if AVG Error Code Oxe001c046 is resolved or not.


Solution 3

Recover Your Windows Files


  • Go to Start and Write Regedit on Search Program.
  • Click on File and then select the Export option
  • A new window “Register Editor File" will start
  • Go to Windows Folder in C: Drive and Recover Windows registry files.
  • After recovering your registry documents and Restart your System
  • Run one or two software and notice, in the event you nevertheless facing the problem.
  • Open AVG Software and assess for AVG Error Code Oxe001c046, whether It might have been solved or not. Otherwise check another solution.


Solution 4

If you use the Internet, your system may be already put on auto-update but should any opportunity you've disabled it.  To solve AVG Error Code Oxe001c046, you need to upgrade your drivers. 

  • Go to Windows Logo and Search for Disk Manager
  • You'll find a Device manager window that will show you peripherals connected to a system.
  • Click on the downward arrow besides disc drivers
  • Select the SCSI Disk manger and click on right-click on it
  • Update it and do exactly the same to the rest of the devices.
  • If you facing issues in drivers, you can uninstall them with the assistance of the disk manager and reinstall them again. this blog


Solution 5

Restore Windows

You can restore your windows to its prior saving stage.  Restoring your Windows won't influence any of your personal data such as photos, documents, and but mend your AVG Error Code Oxe001c046.  As if any harmful software entered into your system, it is going to vanish it as your windows restore back.  The simple Actions to restore your windows would be:

  • Go to the windows logo and search for restore
  • There will be two options given in the results
  • Select the system restore option
  • The system asks for admin empowerment
  • Enter password
  • A window wizard will appear, Now you only need to follow the instructions and pick the last date to which you want your platform to restore.
  • After the restore process completes check for modifications in the computer system.


Solution 6

Use File Checker Command

  • Search for Command prompt from lookup programs & document section supplied in Start logo.
  • Use command prompt and use system file check control:"sfc/scan"
  • If you get a message concerning this admin is accessing the console
  • For this, you've got to get administrator access and then use sfc/scan command.
  • This control will locate and fix AVG Error Code Oxe001c046.


Solution 7

Re-install Antivirus

  • After you use all of the above-mentioned alternatives to solve AVG Error Code Oxe001c046. If you still don't get rid of this error, then we've got a single choice that's we need to reinstall AVG Antivirus again into the system.  Maybe when you already add AVG Antivirus, you attempt to download its full version from any other site than the official website, from where you get a full variant but with some lost files or corrupted.  To solve it:
  • Go into the AVG Antivirus Website.
  • If You've Got a premium subscription then you can download the full version
  • If not, then download the free version.
  • After downloading the setup. Read each instruction carefully and use an automatic setup and a customized one.
  • After Installing, launch it in desktop computer and Scan the entire system files.


Go into the solutions one by one beginning from the very best, perhaps you'll solve AVG Error Code Oxe001c046, prior to looking for a complex one.  We've supplied you the answers, hope it'll be practical for you.  But if there is any obstruction in any step and you also find difficulty in realizing it.  We are here in order to aid you with our 24×7 solutions.  Our technical team will approach you at your convenience.  Simply contact us via call at



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