Can I Use AVG For IPhone Protection? -

 AVG users really love to use this AVG security software because of its commanding protection tools that work fantastically to secure your devices. This is why iPhone users want to know if there any AVG products designed for iPhone safety. Well, this AVG security software provides extensive security to Mac devices as it has strong security features and tools.


When it comes to iPhone devices then, AVG doesn’t work on this device as there is nothing designed for being compatible with iPhone. Well, this is quite sad to hear that it isn’t possible to use AVG for iPhone Protection because there is nothing designed for this software. But there is not anything to worry about the gadget’s protection as we are here with a few tricks which will assist to secure your iPhone devices.


Keep your iPhone always up to date

This is the first and foremost thing that one should follow to be their device secure and safe. You will require installing all available update of the iPhone. Don’t miss any of them and install updates from time to time is a very bright decision because hackers keep an eye on the flaws in Apple’s coding which they can use, to find access to your secret and personal data.


To install the newest version of the iPhone, unlock the Settings app and tap on general and Software Update. You will be certain that you are already using the efficient version or asked to download and install something advanced.


Activate Find My

Another step you will require to take to fight against hackers who hack your Mobile is to activate the get my iPhone feature. Get my iPhone is very simple to use because if you lose your gadget and you can log into get My iPhone from a further Apple device and navigate your iPhone.


More significantly, wipe your private data from the lost phone and it means that if the hacker manages to find access to the stolen or lost gadget then, they will find no precious data.


To enable iPhone Find My Device Feature

  • Open setting and next, tap on your name or image that appears at the top of the screen
  • Now, tap on iCloud and next, scroll down and tap on get My iPhone
  • Make sure that the toggle is green that indicate get My iPhone

There is a latest feature in iPhone due to which it is probable for your iPhone to expose its location to you even if it is offline. This is potential as your Mobile’s Bluetooth signal can be recognized by Bluetooth, even if it isn’t connected to a mobile internet or Wi-Fi.


You can distantly clear up iPhone when you establish with get iPhone, follow a few steps given below-


  • First of all, log in to the get the App and tap on gadget
  • select your iPhone and tap on remove iPhone and confirm the action
  • The next time it has the internet connection and it will wipe itself automatically


Use a AVG Password Manager

The AVG password manager is the best and easiest thing that you can set up to make and store strong passwords. It can assist to avoid using weak and regular passwords which are trade on the dark web and create account takeover simple pickings for the cyber threats. You should have a AVG password manager that needed two-factor authentication for additional security.


Apart from these things, avoid unknown links and not connect unknown callers who say that you have won money or asked for any personal information or bank details. You can contact AVG Support Phone Number if you want to use it for Mac’s protection.

learn here this link: Quick Method To Enable Different Settings in AVG Antivirus:


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