AVG Alerts Users From Possible Covid-19 Malware And Frauds

For us, it might be a difficult phase to sit back home and work with the only source that is internet but for the online scammers; it’s a gateway to earn the profit. We all get lured easily to emails and messages that come with a prize assurance and the terms to make money. The scammers spend more time on the internet during this lockdown period and target the investors online; however, AVG knows it all visit www.avg.com/retail activate. The AVG labs which work on the threat division of AVG recently came across. The cases in which they analyzed that the pandemic themed cyber threats and attacks are more emerging in recent times.

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In addition to this, the security report stated that these phishing methods to deliver effected emails with coronavirus themes and the messages aim to lure the common peopled and engage the audience to the threats and then the malware hacks the devices and access through it. AVG antivirus software has detected many of the Covid-19 themed spam emails and websites which ask for money to get the medical supplies such as testing kits, face masks, and other protective items such as sanitizers.


Covid-19 Phishing Email Scam Insights

Within the 3rd July 2020 of coronavirus lockdown, AVG has registered the number of suspicious websites has increased from 648770. Moreover, the security report reveals that the first threat that was taking advantage. This pandemic was known as “Ursnif” which is a trojan with an aim to steal the banking credentials and misuse them. It does tracks down the activities of the victims, analyses the keystrokes, and then tracks the network to browse. To read more about Ursnif trojan visit avg.com/retail.


There have been multiple COVID-19-related scams that have emerged during the quarantine. The pandemic has focused many of the tech-savvy customers to explore. The digital payment platforms as the people purchase and stock up their essentials during the lockdown phase.  The whole market has taken a shift towards the online purchase of the essentials due to practicing of social distancing. However, there are fraudsters to exploit even well-protected platforms for online transactions. They came up with the new and advanced hacking technology schemes such as fake UPI based payment links that seem to be authentic from the bank websites. There are other social engineering tactics and fraudulent activities that are rapidly increasing and harming us. sources


Preventive Measures Against Covid-19 Cyber Scams

The users should keep their data and devices intact with security software such as AVG. Which you can easily download from avg.com/registration. When you are doing an online transaction within a banking app then it is recommended to do it from the official website. Avoid tapping on the anonymous or strange links. Do not respond to the phishing emails that are sent to you with the Covid-19 title.  Opt for the two-way authentication process and verification process and avoid using public Wi-Fi connections.  With such practices, it is suggested to install AVG security product from its official website to block. The virus and cyber attacks and keep your data intact and safe. For more information about the topic, you can visit www.avg.com/activate.

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